>Bush aide Rove was Time reporter’s source-Newsweek – Yahoo! News

>The Republicans are having a tough time keeping this under wraps. I’ve sort of been following this story. Sometimes it’s hard for me to follow (mostly because part of me is too busy with the mundane to care), but it seems to me that someone needs to go to jail. Leaking the name of a CIA agent is a breach of national security and possibly an act of terrorism. Heck, maybe we can get Karl Rove on treason. This is war time, after all.

I like how Rove says he didn’t know her name when he talked to CNN, but he seemed to know who her husband was when he talked to Matt Cooper.

They are doing a good job of minimizing the President’s presence in any stories. Maybe that will all change now. I have a hard time believing Rove was talking to reporters without the President’s knowledge. Shall we just start calling Bush, Nixon II?

2 thoughts on “>Bush aide Rove was Time reporter’s source-Newsweek – Yahoo! News

  1. Sonic Reducer

    >This is the most arrogant administration in history and they should all be up on charges and tried with Sadam.

  2. SFChick74

    >Maybe I was wrong about the Republicans trying to keep this out of the news.

    I thought this would be huge news, but I can’t find it anywhere on Yahoo news and the morning television news isn’t even covering it.


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