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>1. What’s your favorite kind of weather?
2. Describe the worst storm you can remember?
3. How much of a factor was the climate in choosing where you would live?
4. Favorite rainy day activity?
5. Would you rather have wind and rain or wind and snow?
6. Earthquake or hurricane?
7. Morning or night?

  1. I love the fall weather. It’s cool in the mornings/evenings and warm (but not hot) during the day.
  2. A couple of months ago, we had this huge weather system move through. It doesn’t rain like that in California. The sky turned greenish. The rain moved in sheets down the street and across rooftops. There was even a funnel cloud a few miles from my house.
  3. Wind and rain. If it snowed here, no one would be prepared, especially me.
  4. Earthquake. They are few and far between. Plus you can build a structure to withstand most earthquakes and there is no earthquake season.
  5. Night. I’m just naturally a night-owl.

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