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>I just got back from a week spent on the lovely, rugged coast of Northern California. The weather was wonderful. Most people don’t realize that the best weather for places like San Francisco and most of Northern California happens during September and October. Of course we had a bit of rain, but it wasn’t that bad. It was refreshing.

I love to just sit outside and watch the waves crash against the cliffs. There were few man made sounds out there. Mostly the birds and the ocean created their own natural music. The salty, briny air would breeze around making the grasses sway. Deer picked their way here and there looking for lunch.

It was great not knowing what day of the week it was. There was nothing to worry about. I drank alot of wine and watched the sun set every night. Occasionally, I would walk down to the beach to see the harbor seals sunning themselves on the rocks. It was funny how long I could stand there and watch them. They weren’t doing any tricks or anything unusual. They were just flowing with the rhythm of nature and it was fascinating to me.

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