>Bo Bice Drug Scandal

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>You mean a guy in a rock band did cocaine and/or marijuana? SHOCKING! I bet next you are going to tell me he drinks (gasp) Jack Daniels! For shame!

People need to lighten the hell up. It’s not like he beat up his girlfriend or something.

It would be one thing if the guy had a serious drug addiction like say, Scott Wieland and heroin, but it’s another thing to smoke a doobie or snort some blow every now and then. I’ll go off on my “Why Drugs Should Be Made Legal Again” rant another time.

For now, remember, there’s a reason for the saying “Sex Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll”.

4 thoughts on “>Bo Bice Drug Scandal

  1. Sonic Reducer

    >American Idol has nothing to do with rock. The fact that those “rock” guys are on the show officially strips them of any “rock” cred that they ever had.

    American Idol is strictly for the top 40 singer types. Which is fine if that what you’re into. But no one on that show will ever really be rock.

  2. Jay

    >I want to hear your rant sometime on why drugs should be legal..

    I wrote some papers on this topic back in college,, Actually, I am probably one of the few business majors out there who wrote a marketing plan for the Legalization of “DR Mary Jane” for Medicinal Purposes.. Most people pick companies like Nike, Mc Donalds, etc..,, But that seemed a bit boring to me, so as usual, I picked something that was a little bit “out there” for most people in the class..

  3. SFChick74

    >I too wrote a paper in college about how marijuana should be made legal. Of course, it wasn’t like I had years to do the research and this was back before the internet was easily accessible.

    Briefly, my whole view is that most drugs should be made legal, regulated, and taxed just like alcohol. Prostitution falls into the same category. Make it legal.

    It’s going to happen. People are going to take drugs and pay for sex. Our society might as well grow up and accept it. Then make it somewhat safe and tax it.

  4. SFChick74

    >Sonic Reducer-

    You’re right about the rock thing. I used the term loosely.

    I guess I should have said “performer”.


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