>Barry Bonds Media Blitz Begins

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>So Barry Bonds plead not guilty, as one would expect. It’s interesting what the ego makes us do. I’ll bet he is so inured in his delusion that he could even pass a lie detector test. Even without the benefit of a federal investigation, one can tell he’s used steroids of some sort. Just look at the photos of him from years past. The Onion called it back in the beginning of 2006.

This story from cbs13.com has the weirdest quote about Bonds’ physical changes:

By the late 1990s, he’d bulked up to more than 240 pounds — his head, in particular, becoming noticeably bigger. His physical growth was accompanied by a remarkable power surge.

Does your head expand when you take performance enhancing drugs? And what’s with the former trainer not testifying? I honestly don’t think there is anyone for whom I would go to jail.

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