>Ban rock concerts and football games? – Yahoo! News

>Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek has the right idea. As much as I’d like to see marijuana and most drugs become legal, just giving out citations like tickets is a good step in the right direction.

The Republican legislator, Clel Baudler, who came out against it uses poor logic for his argument. Ban rock concerts and football games…what an idiot. Why don’t you just ban all public gatherings or better yet, just tell people they can’t go outside of the houses? I’m sure the Republican dude has NEVER sped in his entire life. I’m sure he’s never broken any law ever. Using Clel’s logic, why don’t we just ban all lawyers and politicians since they do nothing, but annoy?

2 thoughts on “>Ban rock concerts and football games? – Yahoo! News

  1. Butchieboy

    >Hell yeah, who hasn’t illegally confined a minor or cooked up a batch of meth once or twice? What are they gonna make illegal next? Switchblades? Pipebombs? Where do you draw the line? The oughtta start burning witches again!


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