>Author McMillan Seeks Divorce From Husband – Yahoo! News

>Were there no clues that Terry McMillan’s husband was gay? I guess denial is stronger than I realize.

I can’t blame her for being pissed off. The guy obviously was lying to her. It’s not like this is 1960 where gay men have to hide or don’t realize their gayness or admit to it until after years of denial.

I don’t understand why the judge is making her pay spousal support, although $2,000 a month doesn’t go very far in the Bay Area.

I guess Stella lost her groove again.

2 thoughts on “>Author McMillan Seeks Divorce From Husband – Yahoo! News

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >Does this mean that Stella will have to return her Groove? Will there be some sort of pro-rated refund?

    I’ve never had a groove, so I don’t know about these things.



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