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>My office building is under siege. Mothra was seen clinging to the ceiling of our suite. His little minions were hovering around the hallways of the building. I had to scurry as fast as my heels would allow every time I had to go to the ladies’ room. Mrs. Mothra tried to share a stall with me.

My scurrying was for naught. A moth minion still was able to buzz my face as I passed through the door to the hall. I did the swat dance in a lame attempt to protect myself from the minion. All it did was get me a weird look from a passerby.

Let’s hope the heat has fried those suckers so I don’t have to scurry around the building anymore.

2 thoughts on “>Attack!

  1. Doug

    >Post up a bug zapper and let them kill themselves. Nice entertainment although a fat one getting stuck on the fryer can be annoying.
    I suspect poor Paris would love to have only a moth share the stall with her over the next month.


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