>At least the sinus congestion is going away.


I think my cat has fleas. Maybe there’s another explanation for the patch of missing fur on her back. She’s an indoor kitty, so if she has them, I brought them in. I really don’t have the time nor the money to take her to the vet.

Something is wrong with my car. The check engine light came on while driving on the freeway yesterday. I didn’t see any smoke in the rear view mirror, but it worries me all the same. Usually the damn light comes on when I don’t tighten the gas cap enough. It doesn’t look like that’s the problem this time. Missing work is not an option. I went home sick on Friday, so I’m already in the negative on sick time.

I’m supposed to meet a client this afternoon. It’s going to be tough to meet her if my car craps out on Highway 50. My only alternative is to borrow my parents’ behemoth SUV. I guess I could reschedule, but I have a feeling the client already thinks I’m a flake, so that might not go over too well.

All this shit happens when my family is out of town. Being single, I rely on them to help me out. Most people over the age of 25 have significant others to help out. Fuck it. This is just more motivation to get off my ass and make money.

4 thoughts on “>At least the sinus congestion is going away.

  1. Doug

    >I suggest placing a short strip of black electrical tape over the offending engine light. This will remove it from view and get your mind back to selling real estate built on sacred indian burial grounds to the unsuspecting rubes.
    Too bad you already called in sick. The general rule is work your ass off for the first 3-months of a new job sucking up all the OT and extra credit you can. Then fall back into relax mode living off your rep.
    Get little sleep tonight so that you go in looking pasty and beaten tomorrow morning. Tell the boss man that it was a rough weekend and that you need to pick up 3 perscriptions at lunch. That will get you back on the solid list.

  2. Mandeep

    >I am sorry SF chick. When my car dies on me, I have to call Enterprise, rent a car, call my insurance company to have my car towed away to a body shop and wait until my car is fixed. I have family in town but I cannot rely on them too much. So I have to do it all by myself. I hope your car does not die down. Hang in there. Shit happens. I hope your client realizes that and is more sympathetic towards you.

  3. Francis

    >u could call me and i’ll come pick u up on my motorcycle and take u to work. it’ll give me a reason to get out of the house. same for after if u want…


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