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>My current company has put together an “alumni” website through linkedin. If you’re not familiar with that website, feel free to Google it. Anyway, I received a request from this guy whom I haven’t spoken with in about a year. In fact, the only time I spoke with him was when we met at the regional conference last year. Of course, I was interested and did attempt to flirt/show interest, but he lives in San Francisco, so I didn’t really pursue anything after the conference was over.

So here’s my query: Do I send him an email, you know something friendly to say hello, see how he is/try to drum up some renewed interest? Or is it too desperate? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.

2 thoughts on “>Are you linked in?

  1. Doug

    >I suggest you send him an email, fax, snail mail, and place a flyer under his windshield wiper. Sign it from some other lady he would know but wouldn’t go for. You then casually email him 3 days later with “Anything interesting…”

    Tell him you miss the ——- in San Francisco, you’re going there this weekend to check it out and if has time….

  2. SFChick74

    >I did nothing and it looks like that was the best course of action. I’m pretty sure I jumped to the wrong conclusion.


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