>Are There Any Writers Left in Hollywood?

>Ok, how many fucking RECAPS are they going to do on Lost? There was another one last night! I’m sick of it. If you haven’t seen the show by now, you are not going to watch it. Get the first season on DVD if you want to catch up. Don’t pad the season with yet another recap, so you don’t have to write another episode, JJ Abrams or whoever you are. Millions of people would kill to write stories for television instead of their going to shitty 9 – 5 jobs. I might not kill, but I would happily take your place at the computer if asked. Don’t make me start singing Dire Straits again!

Push the button, Jack!

1 thought on “>Are There Any Writers Left in Hollywood?

  1. Shamus O'Drunkahan

    >Yeah, LOST lost me after all the recaps. I figure I’ll get the DVD’s when they’re done milking the show dry.


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