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>I received a notice from the property management office saying that the owners are going to “redevelop” the property. Or as I like to call it, “demolish the units that have toxic mold”.

They are going to have a resident meeting about it in a couple of weeks. I usually don’t go to town hall meeting things because I just don’t have time to care about my community. I might go to this one just to see what spin doctoring the owners are spewing out. I’m sure the word “exciting” as well as its various synonyms will be used in profusion.

If you saw CSI this week, you saw what toxic mold can do to a person. I really don’t want black goo oozing out of my head. Granted, that was all Hollywooded up, but it’s still a serious issue.

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  1. kelly

    >I live in Houston Texas. We know all about mold here. It really will make you sick. And not a kill you in a couple of days kind of sick either. It makes you sick over a portion of your life. A friend of mine once told me “I spent my teen years in a doctor’s office coughing because my family home had mold and we didn’t know it until we moved and it wouldn’t inspect.” Yeesh.



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