>Anyone into cheese making?

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>This guy should try google instead of craigslist. All I can think of is some rude reply regarding feet.

There there is this guy:

Key Stuck in Ignition….how do I remove it?

It’s called a locksmith. It’s in the yellow pages under L.

And one more to top off the night:

Breaking story: Bush seeded clouds to create Hurricane Katrina

Give me a break. I don’t like Bush, but I doubt he had the smarts much less the ability to create a hurricane. Although I do remember hearing about an earthquake machine…I guess anything is possible. That reminds me, I never did find my Tesla CD. I think I lost it in the move.

4 thoughts on “>Anyone into cheese making?

  1. SFChick74

    >Hey Ruben, thanks for stopping by.

    Dude, get your earthquake machine back! They might be using it in a bad Dennis Quaid movie in the future.


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