>Another Sign of the End of the World

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>So, I’m in a packing frenzy when Maria calls. “You have to turn on CSPAN. Cedric the Entertainer is at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner”

I don’t even know if I get CSPAN. I do. I find it and I catch the Original King of Comedy saying something about the guy from American Idol. He searches for a name. I’m thinking Simon when he says Constantine.

“He has to be mistaken.”

“I don’t think he is.”

I click off and go back to watching Independence Day. Hang up and finish up my packing frenzy.

15 minutes later, Maria calls back.

“Turn it back to CSPAN. Constantine is on there.”


Sure enough, there he is pouting for the camera. Why the hell is he there? Did George Bush invite him because he as pissed his favorite Idol got kicked off?

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  1. indygirl

    >So lemme make sure I got this straight, reject AIs were invited to the WH Correspondent’s Dinner but Jimmy Carter wasn’t allowed to go to the Pope’s funeral? Damn you Boy King! Damn you!


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