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>Thanks for all the kind words. I really appreciate the positive vibes and hope to send them back out into the world to those in need of some good vibrations.

I’m not the kind of person who likes too much uncertainty (who does). Variety and new things are good, but there are some things that I need as constants to give me a sense of stability, you know like a decent job. The problem is that I am letting my anxiety about the situation get the best of me. I haven’t been without a job for even a month, yet. I have only lived in Sacramento for two weeks. I just need to take a deep breath and stop worrying. Things will work out. My family has been very supportive. They won’t let me starve or become homeless.

I got my car fixed. The dealer said that the wrong coolant was put in when I had the people at Oil Changers flush the system or whatever. They didn’t charge me to fix the problem. Normally, doing something like that would void out the warranty, but no lasting damage had been done, so they just changed the coolant to the approved Volkswagen mix.

I hate that I don’t know much about cars. I think they should make auto shop a required class in high school. I mean how many people don’t have a car these days? Then again, home economics should be a required class too. How many of us would like to know how to sew (at least a little) or cook a little better than we do now?

More good news…my supervisor asked if I was looking for a permanent position and suggested I submit my resume for the position. So, now there is a real chance I could get the job full time. At least I don’t feel like I am wasting my time by working and not interviewing. The more they see how awesome I am (if I do say so myself), the more of a chance I have of getting the job.

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