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>The PMS is killing me dead. I have a really tough time controlling my anger/irritability. I don’t get physical. I just start yelling. It’s the machines in the office that were setting me off today. They all seem to be breaking down. Not at the same time (thank God), but one right after the other just got fixed. Then the “repairman” who came in to fix said machine ended up doing a half ass job.

I’m sick of dealing with idiots and there are a lot of them in the world. This is why I have decided to lock myself in my house for the whole week. I try to hide in my office and spare the rest of the office my wrath, but they wander into the lioness’ den all because they need to work. They really need to get more self-sufficient.

For example, the temperature in the office was too cold for these pansies. I’m seething with anger because the copier is not cooperating, so my body temperature is well above the norm. Instead of getting up and walking 10 steps to the thermostat and trying to figure out how to make the heater come on, Idiot Boss #3 calls me on the phone and asks me to adjust the temperature.

I have to walk half way across the whole building to adjust the thermostat. Not only that, but I didn’t get some special schooling on how to adjust thermostats. I just pushed buttons until the desired effect was reached. Apparently, I am smarter than everyone in the office, not only because I am the only woman, but because my IQ tested higher. I guess you need to have an IQ of 130 to be able to adjust the thermostat safely.

Serenity now, I need to let go. I’m off to find some chocolate to boost my endorphins.

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