>Amuse bouche is just appetizers.

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>I had Ore Ida french fries and Merlot for dinner last night. Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and coffee were my breakfast this morning. Yes, I’m what you might call a foodie.

Here’s a tip: Load up on the Pumpkin Spice flavored Coffeemate in your Sanka and it’s a cheap substitution for a Starkbucks pumpkin latte, but not necessarily an exact one.

Confession time: I’m sick of these food snobs. Coffee is coffee. It’s how fresh it is and how you brew it that matters, not the brand. OK, I don’t really drink Sanka. Maybe if I was stranded on a desert island and the only other alternative was a McDonald’s, then I’d indulge in the crystaline goodness.

All those fancy foods like chantrelles and squab are just nasty. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone outside my comfort food box and tried sushi and tapas both of which I like. I just stick to simple foods. Some people like to eat pigeon with a fancy name, that’s definitely not on my food radar.

2 thoughts on “>Amuse bouche is just appetizers.

  1. karla

    >I approve of all your food choices but one: You should have had merlot with your cinnamon roll this morning. G’head, put some Coffeemate in it if you must, but definitely indulge in the morning merlot.


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