>America’s Most Talented Kid(s)

>Apparently this used to be a show on NBC hosted by Mario Lopez and Lance Bass. I never saw it (or I would have killed myself by now), but I have seen the Pax version with Dave Coulier. If you are home on a Friday night like I was last week, you should do yourself a favor and watch this train wreck. It’s no Star Search, but when nothing else is on, it’ll do.

The judges are these three kids and I have no idea why they are quasi-famous. The children (or contestants) range from completely talent-less to hiding a nugget of talent within their nervousness. The parents join their kids on an IKEA seconds couch to hear their scores all of which usually range in the 9 (out of 10) category even if the contestant pukes on stage in the middle of their aria and runs off crying.

It’s like an elementary/junior high school talent show on steroids. The quality of talent is the same, the production is just bigger. Did I just write three paragraphs on a show on Pax? Good Lord. Someone get me a drink or maybe a life…

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