>American Idol – Because there’s nothing else on

>Seriously, if Jericho was on, I’d be watching that instead of the exploitation of the mentally ill. It’s one thing to keep trying, but if I’d been rejected by the show twice before I’d move the hell on. The universe is trying to tell you to take a different path.

Note to the American Idol producers: Less “freaks” and more real singers, even if they aren’t the best.

Heck, I might stop watching this show until they get to Hollywood. At least there I can find someone to cheer for instead of cringing every time a person gets in front of the judges.

1 thought on “>American Idol – Because there’s nothing else on

  1. Butchieboy

    >The funniest thing about that show, is Paula Abdul can’t sing to save her life. She is a complete hack.

    I’d do her, though.


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