>All We Need is Just a Little Patience

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>As much as I enjoy technology, it seems as though one bad thing that comes out of all of these new fangled gadgets is that we are catering to the impatient. It’s always “more, faster, now!” and I am sick of it. People need to take a moment and just go with the flow.

We’ve got fax machines, email, cell phones, all giving us basically an instant connection with whomever we want, but yet it’s still not fast enough for some people. I just got a message on my work voicemail (during my lunch break) and someone was complaining that they couldn’t get through to a live person. DUDE! It’s lunchtime. Leave a message and someone will get back to you.

It’s not like I work for some sort of emergency service agency. It’s just a regular 9-5 business. Emergencies are not real here. One hour is not going to mean life or death. Maybe people are impatient because their priorities are all screwed up.

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