>Alito Defended Ordering Domestic Wiretaps – Yahoo! News

>Great. Let’s pack the Supreme Court with idiots who can’t understand the Constitution. It’s either that or the dude is corrupt. Take your pick. Stupid or criminal. An intelligent person wouldn’t honestly believe that domestic wiretaps without having to get a search warrant is acceptable or legal.

This article is really pissing me off. I thought ignorance of the law wasn’t a defense:

However, the court said Mitchell was protected from suit, because when he authorized the wiretap he did not realize his actions violated the Fourth Amendment.

How can you be an attorney general and not fully understand the Constitution of the United States of America, ESPECIALLY the 4th Amendment?

The White House and Sen. John Cornyn (news, bio, voting record), R-Texas, a member of the Judiciary Committee, dismissed any link between the 1984 memo to Bush’s authorization of electronic surveillance without a warrant to thwart terrorism.

“Any connection between Judge Alito’s 1984 memorandum and the current discussion of terrorist surveillance by the NSA is a real stretch,” Cornyn said in a statemen

Uh no, it’s not a stretch actually. It deals with the EXACT same issue. It’s the unreasonable search and seizure issue! ARGH! How can you be in the federal government and not understand the Constitution?!?

The damn Democrats better grow some balls and fry this Alioto guy at the hearings. I’ll bet they drop the freaking ball and just let him slide right on to the bench.

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