>Administrative Professionals Day

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>To All:

Thank you so much for the wonderful things you did for me on Administrative Professionals Day. I really appreciated the cards, the flowers, the luncheon, and the stripper.

Oh, I’m sorry…I meant to say, thanks for NOTHING. Yet another year went by with not so much as even a “Thank You” on Administrative Professionals Day. I don’t ask for much, but the occasional minor recognition of my efforts would help me get through the day.

You know, it’s a dream come true to do all your grunt work: typing up letters for the functionally illiterate, lying to clients/wives regarding your whereabouts, taking the brunt of your clients’ fury when they can’t reach you on the golf course for the umpteenth time, filling the printer with paper since it’s too difficult for you to figure out how to open the tray, dropping whatever I’m doing to run over to your computer to show you how to change the margins in Word AGAIN.

I could go on, but the damn phone is ringing. It’s probably your client looking for that special secret number I won’t give out that will magically, instantly reach you.

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