>10 years ago this might have been interesting

>There is a “story” over at CBS13 about the Unabomber. It’s not really a story, but a collection of photos showing a bunch of random evidence. It might have made some sense to explain what the evidence is and its pertinence to the case. There are kids today who have no idea who the Unabomber was or what beef he had with the post office/government. Heck, I can barely remember it all. Although, I do remember that skit on SNL where Will Ferrel played Kaczynski at his high school or college reunion.

3 thoughts on “>10 years ago this might have been interesting

  1. FreedomGirl

    >In 1985, I worked less than a block from RenTech(one of TK’s targets)….I will never forget the sound, or the chaos that followed. I heard its now an internet cafe or something…


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