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>I am addicted to Lost. Did you see last night’s episode? Is it just me or did that scary Other guy seem to imply that there was another spy in the survivors’ midst? What about the French lady? I still don’t know what happened to her.

Jack’s ex-wife is officially a bitch. How do you cheat on a hot nice guy like him? Plus the dude saved your life not to mention his miraculous surgery making you able to walk.

Also, is that scary old Other guy the Alvar Hanso guy who funded the Dharma Project? He said the something about curiosity and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the guy in the film say something about curiosity? I’m such a geek I even went over to the Hanso Foundation website that was listed on tvgasm.com.

What I love about this show is that it keeps me guessing, but it needs to be careful. After last week’s episode I was a little let down. There were too many questions. Why wasn’t Charlie freaked out by the black smoke? Why didn’t the presence of the plane freak out Mr. Ecko (and Charlie, too)?

Speaking of Charlie, I’m a little sick of his storyline. Either clean him up and set him straight or let him be the dirty drug ridden rockstar he was.

Note to ABC: NO MORE LOST RECAPS! I’m sick of it! Move on with the stories, if people haven’t seen the show by now, they are NOT going to be tuning in.

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