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When I was visiting Paul over the holidays, we stumbled upon this TV show called Amish Mafia.  At first, I wasn’t sure if that was an oxymoron or just odd sounding.  From what I know about the Amish, which isn’t much, they seem like a pretty peaceful people.  Of course, most of what I know about the mafia comes from movies, so there you go.

Obviously, anyone can have bad apples in their community.  It’s naive of me to think the Amish live some sort of Utopia.

When I first watched the show, we kept going, “That guy’s driving a car, aren’t they not allowed to do that?  Now he’s talking on a cell phone?!?  What the hell?  That chick is wearing makeup! I guess if you have no regard for the laws of the city, state, country, why would you care about the rules of your community?”

My curiosity was piqued by learning about a group of people I knew little about, I’m now hooked by the hokey-ness of it all.

There’s been some rumblings in the media as to whether anything on the show is real.  At this point in my life, I think all “reality” shows are fake.  At least this show tells you that there are some re-enactments.

The “acting” in this show is so stiff and awkward.  I mean the fake rage from the guy who has been shunned was just so weirdly timed.  I’ve seen 3 year-olds throw better fake tantrums.  And the exorcism?  OK, that kid could probably be crazy, but praying for him won’t rid him of the demons in his head.  He needs psychiatric help…if he really is mentally ill and not just acting like it because the producers told him to do it.

There was one scene where a guy had just gotten out of prison and he was stalking the guy who put him there in order to plot his revenge.  He was standing in a parking lot in plain sight!  How could you miss this six foot man in black at the edge of an empty parking lot?!?

Of course, the people in this show could all be nefarious in real life, for all I know. Don’t come after me!  I’m one of the people keeping you employed.

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