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>I’ve heard more than one married woman say that having a sister wife might be nice.  They must know something I don’t because I kinda doubt that.  I think what they really want is a nanny and a maid, not another woman to have sex with their husbands. 

Really take a good look at those women and the dude on that show.  Watch their body language when they are all together.  He is always smiling.  I’ve seen that smile before on a guy who had two families, one not knowing about the other (but eventually was found out).  It’s the “I can’t believe I’m getting away with this…” smile.  The women look completely miserable to me.  One of the gals barely looks at everyone else. 

Then again, what do I know?  The longest relationship I’ve ever had didn’t even last for a year.  Maybe I’m just a jealous, insecure bitch, but I cannot see how sharing a mate would be a good thing.  It sounds like trouble with a capital T.

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