>She meant to do that.

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>I think I know why Christina Aguilera messed up the National Anthem.  It wasn’t because she was nervous, intoxicated or dumb.  My guess is that she was protesting against all the blatant unneeded flag waving throughout Fox’s Super Bowl pregame coverage.  Seriously, I was about to vomit stars & stripes if the Puppy Bowl wasn’t on to save my gut. 

By the time she sang the song, we had already been subject to a totally random interview with the President of the United States, a reciting of the Declaration of Independence and a rendition of Fox’s favorite song, America the Beautiful.  No, I’m sorry.  That channel’s favorite song is God Bless America, but they had used the rights to that all up during the World Series or baseball playoffs.  I tried to block that from my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against using Americana as a marketing campaign, but only at the right times of year.  During a football game is just stupid.  It was so “hello video”.  For the kids, the term “hello video” I believe was coined by Wayne of Wayne’s World describing music videos that jump around and make no sense.  They would show the band singing at a concert then “hello!” they are dressed as robots attacking Chicago.

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