>Saturday morning cartoons: a double edged sword


It’s amazing my generation is as well adjusted as it is… Have you seen the children’s shows we were subjected to? Sid & Marty Krofft should be paying us for our therapy bills. I mean HR Puffnstuff? The Bugaloos? Sigmund & the Sea Monsters? The Banana Splits? The Land of the Lost? Lidsville?!?

It’s amazing more of us aren’t on drugs…prescription or otherwise.

Then there was the Smurfs. What the hell are they? Little tiny blue people who live in mushrooms and there’s only one chick? I could never figure out why Gargamel wanted to eat them. They lived in a forest. Couldn’t he find some berries or shoot a deer? I’m pretty sure venison tastes better than Smurf.

Thank God, I watched a lot of old cartoons from the early 60s. Hanna Barbera kept me sane. Of course, I still want some of that crap the Jetsons had. We have some of it, but there is still no robot maid to help around the house. What exactly did Rosie do anyway? Seems like Jane still had to do a bunch of crap.

The Flintstones had some cutting edge technology for the Middle Pleistocene era.  To this day, I’m pretty sure a brontosaurus burger was a real thing.  Has anyone tried using a bird to play records?  Probably would just scratch the hell out of them.

I never watched Jem and the Holograms. I tried to watch Josie and the Pussycats, but that theme song kind of annoyed me. It was too catchy and I couldn’t understand half the lyrics.

I watched obscure cartoons like Kidd Video. What I liked about that show baffles me to this day, but I never missed an episode. I mean who wouldn’t like watching the adventures of a band that gets sucked into a cartoon land called Flipside by a villain named Master Blaster. Then again, I never could figure out why Master Blaster kidnapped them.

People talk about the 24 hour news cycle. Kids have the 24 hour cartoon cycle. I remember when Nickelodeon appeared in the TV Guide. A channel full of kids shows? Sign me up!

Now kids can watch like 5 different channels of Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel. They don’t have to wait for 8:00 am on a Saturday to see their favorite shows. Plus, they can record them and rewatch them anytime?

That would have blown my 10 year old mind away. I thought the VCR was awesome because I could watch a movie we rented once a week. I never would have thought to go to the trouble of recording the Great Space Coaster so I could see the end of it that I ALWAYS missed because I had to go to school.  That show was the lone exception to the Saturday morning rule…at least that’s how I remembered it.

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