Random Thoughts on TV: Is it football season yet?

I’m bored. There’s nothing on TV. Yeah, I know. There are probably a ton of TV shows I haven’t discovered for one reason or another, but nothing seems to be tickling my fancy. It all seems like the same crap. I mean Fear Factor is on TV again. They have retooled a reality show. Or is that just a game show? Either way, no. And I think broadcast TV has hit the bottom of the barrel.

I’m reducing to watching Antiques Roadshow. Yes, I’m 136 years old. It’s not even a new Antiques Roadshow. It’s a freaking highlights show. I hate highlights shows. It’s like the producers went, “Hey we need to fill in some time, but don’t have enough new material for a show…HIGHLIGHTS!” I’m sure they all high-fived after that conversation too.

I’m in a TV rut. If it weren’t for TBS, I’d have no reason to pay for TV at all. Then again, I do like watching ESPN during football season. I’m not a huge college football fan, but I love watching College Gameday. It’s nice to wake up on a Saturday morning, make a cup of coffee and sit on the couch while I wait to see who Lee Corso picks at the end of the show.

Then of course there’s Monday Night Football. It used to be on the airwaves…for free. Now you’ve either got to pay the piper or go to a bar. One good thing, by Monday night, I’m usually so football-ed out that I don’t really care if anyone is ready for some football.

Maybe it’s just the fall for which I’m longing. I’ve never been a fan of the summer. I usually enjoy Labor Day more than Memorial Day. Labor Day means it’s almost fall. Labor Day means football is here. Labor Day is always good.

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