Random Thoughts on the Tour de France

The Tour de France is big in Sacramento.  You know how I know that?  Because so many damn people ride their freaking bikes dressed up like Greg LeMond.  Oops.  I’m showing my age.  I mean Lance Armstrong.

Seriously, these people have the whole freaking spandex get up…even that stupid hat.  Does this happen in other states or is it just a weird California thing?  You all know I’m already annoyed with bike riders.  Rarely do they have any regard for the rules of the road coming up with excuses like, “I don’t stop at stop signs or lights because I don’t want to lose momentum.  I make sure I look around really good before I go through an intersection though.”

Famous last words, my friend.

So, on July 1st this year, the big ol’ bike race in France begins.  My sister went to it once and said it was crazy.  She went to one of the mountain stages in the Pyrenees.  People had to camp out overnight in their cars along the race route in order to see it. For what? Like 2 minutes of entertainment?  No thanks.  They better crash right in front of me for that kind of commitment.

Also fun while the Tour de France is me trying to dig up the vestiges of my French language education from junior high and high school by fumbling through various town names.  One of my French teachers told us that if you aren’t sure how to pronounce a word, just put a French-ish accent to it.  It will probably be close.

Did I mention that I learned more grammar in French class than I did in English?  Thank you California Public Schools!


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