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You know what I don’t like about hotels? They always put a mirror in behind the desk. So, when I sit at the desk and surf the web or do some writing, I keep getting distracted by my face. I see movement out of the corner of my eye and wonder what it is…it’s just me.

Isn’t there some other place they can put that thing? I know it’s someone’s job to design hotel rooms. Granted, most of the ones I’ve stayed at recent are fairly dated. But still, why did they do that? Couldn’t they have put a mirror on that empty wall between the TV and the door? I guess if I wanted to make the desk a makeshift vanity, I could, but the lighting is for crap.

The hotel I recently stayed in had 4 ESPNs, Fox Sports and the Speed Channel. That’s quite a lot of sports at one time. It was almost like being in a bar. Heck, I did have a bunch of wine in my room, but sadly, no men.

It also had free WiFi which seems to be more and more prevalent. In fact, I’m not sure why a hotel would still make a guest pay for Internet access. It seems so 2002.

2 thoughts on “>Random Thoughts on Hotels

  1. Dave2

    >Nothing makes me rise to anger faster than having to pay for internet at a hotel. Everybody needs it now-a-days… just build it into the cost of the room or give it up for free.


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