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>I’ve said it before, I shouldn’t watch it. It’s a guilty pleasure. This is actually the first year I have watched it past the first round auditions. Usually I just watch the idiots hand picked by the production assistants to go in front of the triumvirate and make fools of themselves on national television. Call it Schadenfreude, if you must.

I can’t stand Paula Abdul. I used to appreciate her trying to be nice to the people, especially when she was trying to let them down easily. Last night, her niceness got out of hand. She told almost everyone that they were great. Most of those chicks last night were BORING. The only one who held my attention was Nadia Turner. She seems to be the only one who has any real stage presence. Her voice is pleasant to listen to and I like her style. But since I like her, she’ll probably get kicked off. The lowest common denominator always like the people I hate (Mikalah Gordon ) and ignores the ones I like (Bo Bice ).

And Simon obviously wants to jump that 16 year old chick, Mikalah. Sicko. She is Barbara Streisand with none of the talent. Please, someone call Child Protective Services on her mom. That girl should be in school, not on stage open to national ridicule.

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