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>There is an article over at SFGate.com talking about how lame TV networks are, specifically, ABC.  It says that with these shorter seasons shows have been losing viewers.  Really?  I’ve been complaining about this for at least a year, if not more.

However, Tim Goodman sums up what’s wrong with TV networks pretty well, “The shell game and disappearing acts so prevalent in programming are killing you.”

Have I mentioned that I watch reruns of Family Guy on TBS, Futurama on Comedy Central, and That 70s Show on TeenNick more often than I watch Network Television?  Why?  Because I know it’s going to be on!

Seriously, LOST was already confusing & frustrating.  Take it away for a few months and some people won’t be back to watch it.  The lowest common denominator has the attention span of a hyperactive 3 year old boy.

I also have to agree with this statement by Tim Goodman, “When you also factor in the lack of good TV listings in newspapers and the time-consuming Internet, it’s no wonder people can’t be bothered to stay loyal to a show that goes missing.”

If it weren’t for the guide on my DirecTV, I wouldn’t know when the hell anything was on.  While the guide is good for short term planning, if you want to know what’s coming on in a couple of days, you have quite a task on your hands, if your guide even goes that far.  It would be easier to just open up the TV Guide or go to a user-friendly website.

I guess it doesn’t matter because there isn’t anything on anyway.

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