>Not only are commercials too loud…

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>That commercial for the newest Windows product where the gal has to manipulate a photo of her family just to get a decent shot really annoys me.  I’ve got an idea.  Why don’t you just whip your kids into shape?  Make them behave?  A little bit of yelling should get them to snap to.  Get all “Red Foreman” on their asses.  Granted, if they can’t behave for a family photo once they’ve past the age of 10, they are probably a lost cause.  You should have been putting the fear of God into them as soon as they could noodle through the dropping crap on the floor game while they were sitting in their highchairs.  

And those 5 hour energy commercials really don’t understand why people drink coffee in the mornings.  It’s not because we just need a caffeine boost.  Personally, I enjoy the taste.  The rush of nervous energy is just a bonus and the addiction to it is what it is.

And that annoying quad burrito commercial from Taco Bell!  What the hell is wrong with something being “chick sized”?  I thought we as a society had finally moved past using the feminine to describe something as being negative.  Aside from the mystery ingredients in their taco meat, their misogynistic way of describing their product is another reason to avoid them entirely.

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