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>When the show started, I had to double check that I was watching the right channel. What the the hell was that guy stuck in 1983 doing? Bizarre. I tried to get over that strange and kinda stupid clip, when the story got back to the island.

Could someone explain what the hell is up with Locke? The writers need to explain his weird obsession with the island. Is he just looney tunes or what?

And what’s with Walt? Was that him or can he do astral projection?

Finally, at the end when Jack went into the hatch, things started getting good and the damn show ended! Why was the crazy 1983 guy quarantined? And we still don’t know what happened to Jack’s wife! I also thought I read that there were more survivors somewhere on the island. I guess I was either mistaken or they will get to that later.

I have a theory about what the island actually is…I think it’s purgatory. I think everyone on the plane died and they are stuck in purgatory until they can correct their karma or something. Then again, only the writers know.

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