Let’s Play Inappropriate Halloween Costumes!


I saw this sexy Big Bird costume at Target a couple of weeks ago and am traumatized by it.  What the hell? Wasn’t Big Bird a boy? Those vacant googly eyes in her headdress are making me sad.

Portion of my childhood has been bastardized.

And as much as I’m not a fan, they got Elmo too. And it’s almost as disturbing as the Big Bird.

Of course, I think their version of the sexy (or sassy as Target calls it) Elmo costume is barely Elmo-ish.  It has the red fur, but you can just barely make out Elmo’s innocent face on that gal’s head.  And I have no idea why those boots have bows on them.

Is the Children’s Television Workshop that hard up for money or are they now run by an evil money hungry corporation?  Is nothing sacred anymore?

What’s next a slutty Snuffleupagus?  Please stop this madness!

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