>Is this happening to you?

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>Both Comcast and DirecTV are out of DVRs. My parents wanted to get a DVR for their new HDTV, but DirecTV told them that they are on back order. Comcast told two different people in my office (not looking for HD products) that they are also out of DVRs.

Was there a malfunction at the DVR manufacturer or is the DVR the Cabbage Patch Doll for this holiday season? Although, if people just want the technology and not necessarily all the bells and whistles, the regular Tivos are readily available at Target, Best Buy, etc.

Speaking of technology: What the hell is Blu-Ray? Is this the Betamax of the new millenium or what?

4 thoughts on “>Is this happening to you?

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >Interesting thought about blu-ray. I haven’t seen anyone doing a side-by-side comparison with HD DVD’s. You could very well be right.

    By the way, the entertainment conglomerate that employs me (And is one of the largest cable providers in the US) is not experiencing a shortage of DVRs, HD or otherwise.


  2. FreedomGirl

    >Thank you. I thoght I was the only one. I never said, out loud, that I didn’t know what Blu-ray was, for fear of sounding stupid.


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