Is it just me, or is it crazy out there lately?

Cartoon CussingYes, I know astrology is pretty much hokum, but I really have no other way to explain the crazy crap that’s been happening lately.

First a freaking train crashes in Canada practically blowing up a whole town…OK, maybe just a very large chunk of it, still…awful.  And why did this happen?  It looks like someone forgot to check the breaks.  THE…BREAKS!  How do you NOT check that on a train that was just on fire and carrying highly flammable contents?!? (Note: I’m not blaming the firefighters here. The people who know more about trains are the ones I think need to be inspected…)

Then a freaking airplane crashes because it looks like the pilot(s) screwed up royally. There’s no real blame placed on anyone from the NTSB as I write this post.

Speaking of the NTSB…are you kidding me with that? A summer intern confirms the names of the pilots which are CLEARLY a very poor joke.  I mean even Bart Simpson was going, “There’s no way anyone would believe those names.”  Heck, I have more clout than a summer intern at my job and I would never confirm anything to the media…not even my existence on this planet.  Why? Simple. I don’t want to get into trouble.  It’s pretty common in all organizations that only a select few people are authorized to talk to the media.

And then a freaking noon news program reported it as fact…FACT!  How does someone at said local channel not go, “Hmmm. I’m not sure those are real, plus ‘Georgie’ the summer intern was the one who spoke with me about the matter. He’s only been there for 2 days, so I’m sure he has the authority to be confirming things.”

Now, I understand that the 24 hour news cycle can make it hell for those in the media, but does that mean common sense is thrown out the window?

And let’s say for argument’s sake that it wasn’t REALLY a summer intern who confirmed the names of the pilots, but it was a higher up and said intern is the fall guy for the higher up… That doesn’t make things better. In fact, it makes them worse.  Own up to your mistakes as ridiculous as they may be.

Personally, I’d rather blame the position of the stars on the above chaos than on the possibility that people are just that stupid, lazy or apathetic.

Gird your loins, everyone.  We still have another week of this crap to go.

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