>Is everyone cheating on their spouses?

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>This morning I was watching Good Day Sacramento when the below segment came on:

I had to rewind that a couple of times. Did she just say 60% of married men cheat on their wives? Am I just naive or is that really high? That means if 10 married men are in a room, 6 of them are or have screwed around on their wives.

This does not help my trust issues with men if it’s true.  A guy cheats on me and he will know the true meaning of what Bill Shakespeare meant by Hell having no fury like a woman scorned.  I’d probably dedicate a blog to it. Not just a post here, but a whole freaking blog.  OK, maybe not because he wouldn’t deserve that much attention.  But there’s no way I’d stick around like an idiot pretending nothing happened, not making him suffer the consequences of his stupid actions.

Also, if the cheating is that prevalent in society, why aren’t there more divorces?  Are gals still that scared of being alone that they would rather be with a guy who treats them like shit?  Come on ladies, don’t be like Hillary Clinton.  Be a woman and move on. 

This also begs the question, why bother getting married?  I can’t imagine that this whole mass infidelity phenomenon is new if it’s true.  Are my parents one of the few who act like adults while married? Is that why I have a tough time finding a guy? Are my standards for a relationship unreal if only 40% of the male population can keep it in their pants?

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