>I knew it was fake, but…

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>Seriously just how far does the rabbit hole go? Vote For the Worst has an interesting article about the realities of the American Idol auditions.

I knew that the entire stadium full of people they show at the beginning of each city’s audition episodes never make it in front of the three judges (except for a very select few). I knew they encouraged the poor singers and mentally challenged to “be themselves”. And I knew that they rejected a bunch of really good singers for various random reasons and let some marginally acceptable singers through because they have good stories (e.g. “I was born a crack baby”), but the depths to which the editing goes are far worse than I expected.

I can see making songs shorter due to time constraints, but to make viewers believe that someone sang a song for the three judges that he didn’t sing for them is just wrong. Splicing in comments that were never made to the auditioner, what the hell? Does Simon Cowell sit in front of a camera making random snide comments about people he has not yet met or am I the only one who does that? Wait! Maybe that’s why he is always wearing the same t-shirt!

Now I’m going to be on the lookout for any and all editing mistakes such as inconsistencies in carpet, lighting, clothing, hairstyle, etc.

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