>Have any new shows started yet?

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>Is it just me or is it difficult to figure out when the new season of TV shows begins? I know Celebrity Duets and Dancing with the Stars have started their descent into the nadir that is reality TV, but what about shows that actually need writers? It seems like those shows don’t start until late September or early October. I always thought new shows started the week after Labor Day.

SIDEBAR: What the hell is with that Gap commercial with Audrey Hepburn dancing to AC/DC? Am I the only one who finds it bizzare?

Note to NBC: Drop all Law and Orders immediately. No one is watching those shows anymore. The original was great 10 years ago. Now they are all just taking up space. Get something original and get your channel back on track.

3 thoughts on “>Have any new shows started yet?

  1. Nick Druga

    >This is a big opening week for a LOT of shows. I think they purposely stagger the premiers, though, to throw us off. That Hepburn dancing to AC/DC is kinda strange but I think I’ve decided I like it.


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