>Good job, jackass.

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>According to what I read on the Internet, (because there was no way in hell I was about to actually watch it) NBC messed with the Closing Ceremonies to the Olympics, so that it could show the Marriage Ref starring Jerry Seinfeld.

As much as I enjoy his original show, I’m pretty sure good ol’ Jerry should steer clear of being an “authority” on marriage. Isn’t this the same guy who started dating his current wife while she was married to someone else? In fact, didn’t they start dating right after she came back from her honeymoon? Isn’t this the same guy who while in his 30’s was dating a 17 year old girl? That’s says solid moral character to me.

So, was it worth it, NBC? I mean you did such a bang up job with the Vancouver edition that I can’t wait to see how you screw with the games in London. If you ask me the International Olympic Committee would do well to revoke any and all contracts it has with you to show any future games. Who knows what kind of crap you will pull in 2012?

Besides, if the new Jerry Seinfeld show is that important to your line up, couldn’t you wait until Monday or Tuesday to premier it? Everyone knows those live ceremonies go on longer than scheduled and rarely if ever are the on time or short. Seriously, does the gang in the programming department even watch TV?

2 thoughts on “>Good job, jackass.

  1. Dave2

    >I actually thought it was the perfect finish for the horrible coverage that NBC had been giving us all along.


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