>Another thing that I just don’t get


There’s alot of things in this world I just don’t understand.  How does gravity really work?  Do ugly people know they’re ugly? Why was According to Jim on TV for so long? 

My newest conundrum is the concept of a comedy roast.  Now, I enjoy my fare share of good natured ribbing, but a roast just seems mean.  Banter is fun.  Giving a speech about how fat, ugly, or dumb someone is doesn’t sound very entertaining, even if the alcohol is flowing.

Whenever I stumble upon the show on Comedy Central, the few minutes I watch are painful.  The laughter from the “honoree” feels forced.  The smiles look fake.  Maybe I’m just insecure, but having a bunch of people make fun of me for an hour doesn’t sound like a good time.  It’s one thing if it’s a parody.  It’s a whole other when someone is just up there talking about shortcomings. 

It seems to me that a roast is one of those comedic conventions that is past its time.  It feels contrived and cliche.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about pointing out the absurd, but hopefully not in a way that would make someone cry.

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