And you thought you were a control freak?

I used to have this theory that when women got engaged, they lost their goddam minds.  Now I realize, those women were already crazy.

How did I come to this conclusion?  I read this article about a bride to be with a huge set of control issues.   It also begs the question, how does this woman have any friends? They would have to be just as messed up. What really pisses me off? The fact that this bitch found some guy to marry her. - Honey Boo Boo's mama has had the same boyfriend for 7 years. You're single. Let that sink in for a minute.

This someecard pretty much sums it up. If you read that and felt depression creep into your awareness, you get it. If you thought, yeah but she’s dating a toothless hillbilly and look at her, then you are probably not single.

It’s shows like Bridezillas that make me want to punch someone. How are those bitches getting married & I’m not?  Sure, I get that the men they are marrying are probably those weirdos who like to be treated like shit, but that’s not the point.

When I was a little girl, I never dreamed about having a big wedding.  I was a kid.  I did kid things.  I dreamt about going to Disneyland and reading books. I never imagined having a big wedding.  When I grew up, I wanted to be happy.  I wanted to have a job and my own place so I could do whatever I wanted.  Sure, I wanted to get married, but I hate weddings. The whole dog and pony show freaks me out.  I don’t like being the center of that kind of attention and I think the whole thing is a giant waste of money. Not to mention the inordinate amount of stress women experience trying to have the perfect wedding.  How about you worry more about your marriage, save that $10,000 for a down payment on a home so you don’t start off your life together in debt?

Eloping isn’t a bad idea, in fact my best friend who just got married told me that’s what I should do, but I think a quickie wedding might be more my style. Maybe that is eloping in this day in age… Just a small group of friends & family, not 10 bridesmaids standing by my side in a huge cathedral like I’m royalty.  I don’t even know 10 people who would WANT to be my bridesmaid. Most of my friends are like me.  They hate weddings too.

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