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>1) Jessica “Shop Around” I always forget about this chick. . I like that song, but her performance was boring. Paula Abdul needs to shut up. She always says someone did well even if they didn’t. They have to be extraordinarily bad for her to give even the simplest of constructive criticism.

2) Anwar “A House is not a Home” I’m not that fond of this song, but I think he sang it well. I like his voice and he has decent stage presence. I think he could have chosen a better song, something a little more upbeat.

-Commercial- I really hate commercials.

3) Mikalah “Son of a Preacher Man” I hate her voice! It is just so bad. Who keeps voting for this chick? Helen Keller? She butchered this song, which is one I enjoy. And don’t even get me started on her hair and makeup…

4) Constantine “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” God, I hate this song. His voice sounds good only because he came on right after someone who did very poorly. He just doesn’t appeal to me. However, when he stands next to Ryan Seacrest, Seacrest looks even gayer than usual.

-Commercial- A lot of these commercials are confusing.

5) Lindsey “Knock on Wood” Here’s another chick who is forgettable. Plus, wasn’t this a disco song? I enjoy this song, but she doesn’t pull it off.

6) Anthony “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” I enjoy this kid. His outfit makes him look a little less scrawny. I didn’t enjoy his version of this song. There was something missing. Stick with the Foreigner kid. By the way, Paula Abdul needs to lose those earrings. She has been wearing them for weeks.

-Commercial- They show an Old Navy commercial about Bermuda shorts. My sister said, “I don’t like those things, but you know I’ll be wearing them this summer.”

7) Nadia “You Don’t Have to Say You’ll Love Me” Finally! Someone who can sing and has stage presence. I enjoyed this performance.

8) Bo “Spinning Wheel” A song I don’t like much. His voice was good for this song though. I enjoyed the performance and the black leather pants.

-Commercial- Time to make some herbal tea.

9) Vonzelle “Anyone Who Had a Heart” I’ve never heard of this song. It was a decent performance, but didn’t keep my interest. I’m easily distracted from mediocrity.

10) Scott “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” Finally, some Motown. This was supposed to be songs from the 60s and I’m surprised there was little Motown and no Beatles. Whatever…he did a decent job. Every time I see him he looks less and less like a serial killer.

-Commercial- I try to call, my friend Maria and see if she is watching this show.

11) Carrie “When Will I Be Loved” Another person I keep forgetting about, but Maria feels will win the competition. She’s ok, but way too country for me. Go to the WB and be on Country Star with Bret Michaels.

12) Nikko “I Want You Back” Jackson 5 song is a bad choice. I can’t listen to a Michael Jackson song right now without getting creeped out. Plus, I don’t like his voice. It’s too whiny or something. It just doesn’t appeal to me. Although I enjoyed his belt buckle. At first I thought it was a Red Baron type cross, but it might be a symbol from that skateboard company, Independent. He doesn’t come across as a skater, but you never know.

I am predicting that these 4 people are the next to be voted off, mostly because they seem forgettable to me. In no particular order:

A) Carrie
B) Lindsey
C) Nikko
D) Jessica

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