>American Idol Recap– Bad Theme Night (Part 3)

>Who chooses these themes? I would like to suggest a theme, colors. Everyone has to pick a color and a song with that color in the title. They also have to wear that color on stage. Just picture it…

Back to the recap:

I knew 2 of the 6 songs and what’s sad is that one of those songs was a country song! I would like to also point out that RANDY is wearing that pink shirt again! Dude, I know you make way more money than I do, can’t you afford another shirt? It would be one thing if you had like 25 of those shirts and it was your signature outfit, which you wore all the time. But since that isn’t the case, you just look silly.

I have to say that Paula seemed fairly sober. Let’s hope she can stay on the wagon tonight.

  1. Carrie – She sang country, which is her strong point, but the way she sang this song (When God Fearin’ Women Get the Blues) was not believable. Has this chick ever gotten the blues? Apparently not, because it didn’t come across in this song. It doesn’t matter because it will appeal to the lowest common denominator and that will keep her in the competition.
  2. Bo – I don’t know this song at all, but I did like hearing his voice. He could sing the names in the phone book and I’d be entertained. Except I have to agree with Simon about those lame shades and that gay Old Navy tunic. Dude, you look like a dirty hippy and not a rockstar. Go back to the leather.
  3. Vonzell – Again, don’t know this song. It was kinda boring and I wasn’t impressed.
  4. Anthony – I’m not sure what this song was, but it was boring too. As my friend, Maria, says “He should just go back to his home country. He’ll be big there.”
  5. Constantine – Holy Lord! Someone get his brother a sandwich! Is he sick is that why he’s so skinny? Anyway, I recognize this Nickelback song, but I don’t know the name of it. Nor do I care enough to research it. All I know is that Mr. Nickelback sang it better than Constantine the Poser. I hate the way this guy stares in to the camera! Stop trying to lure us into a false sense of security with your hypnotic stare.
  6. Scott – Did I hear them right? Did his parents say they wanted him to be a priest? Frightening. What’s up with his accent and speech patterns? His parents don’t talk like he does, did they raise him on some distant planet or something? I thought this kid was from the South, but he’s from Ohio! He just keeps getting odder and odder. I don’t know what he sang, but again BORING. I like his voice, but he creeps me out.

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