>American Idol-An American Travesty

>I love musicals. My parents forced me to watch them growing up. I’ve even seen Annie on Broadway. I can’t believe the shitty songs the dumbasses on American Idol picked to sing.

I sat there watching the show going, “Someone has to sing a song from Evita or the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Someone should sing One Night in Bangkok from Chess. I would love to hear someone sing something from Little Shop of Horrors.” Hell, no one even touched 1776 or the Wiz!

Not to mention, Cabaret, Chicago, Bye Bye Birdie, or Les Miz. Master of the house was on a Seinfeld episode!

Climb Every Mountain from the Sound of Music? What the hell? The hills are alive with the sound of bad song choices.

Come on! My Funny Valentine? Didn’t Judy Garland sing that? Dude, you were in Rent, too? Why don’t you just out yourself on national television and give Seacrest a big old wet kiss. Randy totally called you out on the rocker stuff.

What is wrong with these kids today?

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