>Adventures in Housing: Random Thoughts on Kitchens

>Even before I decided to jump into the housing market like a well adjusted adult, I used to watch a fair amount of programming on HGTV. Even today as I scour through listings, I’m amazed that people want black appliances and/or stainless steel. Have you people actually used that stuff? Dark colors in a kitchen almost always look dirty. Dusty at best.

And stainless steel? You’ll never be able to get those fingerprints to disappear with the ease of all the men I’ve dated.

Also? Not a fan of granite. Sure, it’s beautiful, but liquid soaks into it like a sponge and unless you’ve got mutated genes of some sort, there’s no way to wring it out. I like that man made stuff. Sure it’s probably not “green” unless you wanted it that color, but I’d rather not have my kitchen look like everyone else’s on the block.

Not that I cook that much, but I’d rather have a country looking kitchen than some modern nightmare wrapped in granite and stainless steel. That look is going to be outdated in 15 seconds anyway.  I’ve always wondered why a kitchen seems to be what sells a house when so many people don’t ever really cook anymore.

Unlike the fools on House Hunters, when I look at a place, I try to ignore the furniture in it. Usually, that stuff is going. What I pay attention to is what will be staying, what is fixed in place. How much maintenance is needed? Can I live with what’s going on in the place right now? How much work will be involved with making the place livable? Do I like the floor plan? Is the neighborhood safe? Is there a decent grocery store around? How much parking will I get? Can I hear my neighbors?

Buying a place is scary. Aside from financial restrictions, I stayed away from being a “home owner” because it seemed like that was the final step to spinsterhood. Now, I don’t care. It’s an investment and I want to make money, diversify my sad little portfolio.

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