>Why should I go to Hawaii when there’s Las Vegas?


People are always trying to convince me that Hawaii is a great vacation destination.  But why?

My favorite vacation destination is Las Vegas.  Personally, I can’t imagine why anyone would go to Hawaii.  Sit on the beach and read a book?  A) I can do that here in California.  B) I hate the outdoors.

You know why Las Vegas is better? Well, first of all, you’re not stuck on an island.  You can flee if some sort of natural disaster occurs.

Also, it’s Vegas, baby, Vegas.

While Las Vegas has gotten friendlier to families, it isn’t overrun with them.  Plus, there aren’t many couples on their godforsaken honeymoons.  Sure there are some people who getting married, but they aren’t the usual dog & pony show types.  In fact, I saw two Groupons for Las Vegas weddings today.  That’s a little out of control even for someone as cheap as me, but still…kind of awesome on some level.

Odds are you won’t be accosted by a screaming toddler at a bar or even a restaurant in Las Vegas.  I’m not sure I would play those odds in Hawaii.

Speaking of…not that I’m too into betting, but you can’t play blackjack, poker or the ponies in Hawaii.

Did I mention that it’s Vegas?

There’s so much to do…shows, shopping, gambling and other adult things if that floats your boat.

Do you think the Hangover would have been as cool in Hawaii?  No.  Sure, some people might wake up with a chicken and a rouge baby in their hotel rooms in Hawaii, but I’m pretty certain Mike Tyson’s tiger wouldn’t be there.

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