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Rugged Sonoma Coast

Watching the ocean waves crash against the cliffs is supposed to be inspiring.  It’s not.  I stare at it for about 5 minutes and nothing comes to mind.
Walking down a dusty trail is supposed to be interesting.  It’s not.  My shoes and socks get filthy.  Bugs fly around my face.  I can’t take a minute to look at the beauty of nature because I’m too worried about stepping in some sort of excrement.

And where the hell are we going on that trail?  I have no idea.  Probably to some smelly tide pool with a bunch of nightmarish looking slippery creatures. 

Why did I come on this vacation?  Guilt.  Various important celebrations for some attendees coincided with this trip, so staying at home wasn’t an option.  Had this trip been a week earlier or later, I would not have come.

Every time I come to this place on the coast, I say I’m never coming back.  It’s a hellish drive.  The hairpin switchbacks on Highway 1 cause motion sickness for anyone not driving.  Heck, I was driving and still felt a little queasy.  I’ve tried explaining my reasons for not wanting to come here to my family, but I’m just given the brush off.  The fact that I’m mostly bored and getting here is a nightmare for me are not taken into account.  Then they wonder why I’m sullen and/or crabby when I’m here.  Well, let me take you on a trip you pretty much despise and see how chipper you are?

One positive thing is that this year, there is internet access at this place.  At least I’m not stuck in the 80s.  It’s more like 1998.  Internet, but not much cell service.

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